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MG Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is made from 100% virgin fiber paper and used for wrapping paper or commercial bags.
This paper is the best solution for sustainable packaging in high strength handling.

Recycled Paper

Wrapping paper, carrier bags, waxed, laminated paper, duplex, extrusion, flower wrapping paper, crepe paper, tablecloth and individual paper, liners and envelopes.

PE Paper

PE Paper
Polyethylene paper suitable for food packaging.
Applications: Delicatessen, etc.

Label Paper

wet strength” e “non wet strength” paper
For all kinds of beverage industry labels; water, beer, spirits, canned, etc.

Small Content Paper Bag

(30/32/35/40/45/50/60 Gramas)

Boutique Paper Bag

(70/80/90/100/120 Gramas)

Moisture-resistant Paper Bag

(32/35/40/45/50 Gramas)

Paper For Grocery Bags

(50/60/70/80/90/100/120 Gramas)

Kraft Paper

Paper made from a blend of short and long cellulose fibers from softwood pulps. This fiber blend gives this type of paper good mechanical strength characteristics for machine processing and relative softness.

It can be laminated with aluminum, covered with paraffin or hot plastic resins (polymers).

These properties and processing capabilities allow it to be used to produce sacks and bags, mailing envelopes and various cartons (such as small boxes such as those for cosmetics and hygiene, clothing, costume jewelery, etc.).

Paper for Flexible Packaging


Woodfree 1- sided Coated Paper for flexible packaging WITH back side treatment.

Suitable for multiple segments:
Dairy products (cheese, yogurt); confectionery; coffee, flour; sugar, seed sachets, ice cream, pet food, gift paper, personal care, soap, gift boxes, tubes, spiral winding, game boxes, puzzles, toys, electronics, furniture, laminates, decoration, tobacco , household appliances.


Woodfree 1 Sided Coated Paper for flexible packaging WITHOUT reverse treatment.

Suitable for dairy, candy, cookies, bakery product packaging, cereal packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, sachets, dried food, pet food, ready-to-eat food, and many others.


Compostable and biodegradable paper, specially designed for the production of paper straws.

Helps reduce environmental contamination and is a good alternative to one-way plastic products.
-Soft white color, excellent lip comfort, low effervescence effect, high moisture resistance.


One side coated, woodfree, flexible packaging paper withback side functional coating.

Glossy surface
Application: tea envelopes


Sustainable Solutions

Take the lead and offer your customers more sustainable solutions.

If you want to transition from oil-based plastic products to a greener option, we are here to help.

The wide range of products we have will add value to your offer, from straws and paper cups to food service products. Our line offers the same or better quality than standard disposable products, with the added benefit of being better for the environment.

Our vision is as big as yours. If you can’t find a solution that meets your needs, set us the challenge. We pride ourselves on going further for our customers in their search for more sustainable options.

Corrugated Paper

Protective Cushioned Pads
Used to protect chocolates and fine pastry, this product is available in several thicknesses and finishings. With the possibility to use different types of paper (satin, opaline, polypropylene, etc..) and also different personalised printings and die cutting shapes.
Perfumery and Cosmetics
Our different types of corrugated cardboards, types of papers and printing techniques allow us to offer you the best solution to your needs.
Light waved
Manufactured with low grammage special papers, its main use is to protect your biscuits while keeping them in perfect conditions.Different thicknesses and finishings. All our papers are suitable to be in contact with food products
Liners and separators
Covers made with elastic corrugated cardboard to protect your bottles.We are proud to say we can offer you the special protection you need for your delicate fruits and vegetables.

Applications in microwave

A creative presentation of your products helps greatly in the sales process.

  • Different types of waves
  • Different types of papers

Cardboard Box Paper


90-170 grs
Used on corrugated board faces, card covering, tubes, fittings and cardboard articles.


30-35 grs
Water resistant, used for corrugated board faces, board covering, tubes, fittings and carton items.


90-115 grs
Used for corrugated board, carton tube lining, card accessories and articles.


115-170 grs
Used for corrugated board, carton tube lining, card accessories and articles.
Main feature: moisture resistance.


Water-based adhesive
Adhesive in water dispersión.
Polyurethane aqueous dispersion.
Polychloroprene aqueous dispersion.
Polymers of natural origin.
Solvent Based Adhesives
We manufacture a wide range of adhesives in disolvente. This based adhesives are composed of polymers dissolved in organic solvents.
These adhesives are typically used for bonding of plastics, leather, wood, foam. he most common markets that use them are, wood, footwear, upholstery.
Two component adhesives
Based on epoxy resins for various markets where high performance, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance to solvents, adhesion on non-porous substrates… are required.
These hot melt adhesives are mixtures of waxes, resins and other components.
The most common use markets are wood, labelling, handling paper, binding, packaging, insulation – automotive.
BAM, PRODAS y PRESSEN sare the brands we use for marketing them.